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Meet the Team that makes the magic work

Visit our office to meet the team, find out how we can open the door to opportunity for you.

Nadine Heitz, Esq.

Immigration Attorney

Nadine Heitz grew up in Toronto, where she was born to German immigrant parents who came to Canada for a better future. After a successful career as a marketing executive, Nadine brought her family to the U.S. on a TN visa to manage a high volume immigration law practice. It was here that she embarked on a career in law and began her immigration journey towards U.S. citizenship. Nadine is a member of the California State Bar and is admitted to practice immigration law in all 50 states.

Emice Van Der Merwe

Administrative Assistant

Emice was born and raised in South Africa where she graduated with a diploma in Events Planning and Management from Intec College. Emice has a passion for helping people and she is always willing to go that extra mile. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and just making memories that last forever. Emice has a love for the law and will be pursuing a degree in law in 2022.

Gabe Adimari

Legal Assistant

Gabe was born in Argentina and came to the United States at the young age of 10. Growing up in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, Gabe soon became accustomed to the American way of life. Gabe enjoys nature and loves to hike outdoors, but he also has a passion for boxing where he brushes up on his skills at the gym. Gabe is truly chasing the American dream and helping others to do the same while assisting the attorney with all immigration matters and translating for our Spanish speaking clients.

Lateef Stephen


Lateef assists the office as a paralegal. He graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B. Sc. degree in Legal Studies and holds an Associate of Science degree in Paralegal Studies from Palm Beach State College. Lateef is currently enrolled in Law School with future plans to become an immigration attorney. In his spare time, Lateef is a video gamer enthusiast, competing in tournaments and playing for fun with other gamers. When he is not gaming online, Lateef enjoys traveling to other states to learn about the vast cultural differences across America.

Leni Gutierrez


Leni was born in Brazil and is now a US Citizen. She speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish. Leni’s role is to assist the office with Spanish and Portuguese translations for our non-English speaking clients and their documents. Leni is always ready to help others and she also assists our clients with learning the test questions for the Naturalization examination and interview. Leni enjoys traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places and experiencing new things. She also has a great love for movies, theater and literature.

Yasmeen Stephen

Law Clerk

Yasmeen was born in Canada and came to the United States as a child. She is a dual Canadian/US Citizen and is completing her Bachelor in Business Administration at Palm Beach State College. At the office, Yasmeen assists part-time with general office work and bookkeeping. She has a strong creative side and as a successful artist, several of her art pieces have been exhibited in local galleries. In her free time, Yasmeen is an attentive and dedicated gardener with a genuine love for plants and working outside.

Here are some of the things we can do for you

Review Your History

Your immigration history may impact your ability to apply for future benefits. We will conduct a thorough review so that you stay clear of potential setbacks.

Analyze Criminal Matters

It’s critical that we analyze any criminal arrests that could negatively affect your immigration status or chances of obtaining future benefits.

Apply for Benefits

We will prepare all your immigration applications quickly and accurately to prevent time wasted by unnecessary rejections or denials.

Defend you in Court

Your lawyer will zealously defend you in front of the Immigration Judge or Immigration Officer to prevent deportation and attain a favorable outcome for your case.

Provide Advice

Bad advice can derail the best efforts for immigration success. We will always give you honest and accurate immigration advice.

Celebrate Your Success!

We love celebrations! The rewards are life changing when you achieve your desired immigration goals. Let us show you how.

We have successfully helped hundreds of clients win their cases

Learn All the Steps & Timelines

For your Marriage Green Card Case

Grab your copy of our Free Process Chart to find out how your green card can be approved.

Schedule Your Immigration Consultation

Explore options for a green card or citizenship and be one step closer to getting your immigration case approved!

We Offer Flat Rates & Payment Plans

We understand how expensive it can be to apply for immigration benefits. Government filing fees have increased and can add up quickly. Legal fees added to this cost can make it unaffordable for many. That’s where we can help. By offering you a flat rate fee for your entire immigration case, you will not have any extra costs or surprises.

All you need to do is make a deposit payment for the legal fees and the rest can be paid in monthly installments. Filing fees will be needed when the case is ready to submit to the appropriate agency. No hidden costs, no hourly billing, no nonsense!