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There is a crisis in the immigration courts with a backlog of 1.5 million cases. Did you know that the former Trump administration attributed to this by re-opening 350,000 court cases that had been previously closed, just for further punishment against immigrants? Then along came Covid and courts had to shut down for a while causing an even greater backlog.

Amid nationwide labor shortages in critical industries, more than a million immigrants are waiting on the US government to issue them work permits. Without these permits, many could lose their jobs, and some already have. “Agency personnel is addressing outstanding processing issues and making changes to underlying procedures to achieve new efficiencies while ensuring the integrity and security of the immigration system. This includes improving processing times and decreasing pending cases,” said Matthew Bourke, a USCIS spokesperson.

What can be done about this now? AILA President, Allen Orr, provides some great suggestions. First, get rid of marijuana-related cases – most states have legalized this anyways. Next, get rid of cases where there is some other type of relief with USCIS, for example, the person has the ability to get a green card through a US citizen spouse.

No need to hear those cases in court! This will alleviate a huge part of the backlog. I hope someone is listening!

Watch the interview with AILA President – Allen Orr


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Nadine Heitz

Nadine Heitz is an immigration attorney in Lake Worth, Florida where she helps her clients obtain legal status in the United States. Book your consultation with her to find out how to solve your immigration issues and achieve your desired goals.